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4 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Wadi Rum Desert In Jordan

March 27, 2018


One for the bucket list! I heard about Petra my whole life and while I found it truly stunning, Wadi Rum turned out to be one of the star locations on my trip to Jordan. This protected desert reserve in the southern part of Jordan, often called the Valley of the Moon, is known for its red-pink sands, stunning natural arches and mountains, and prehistoric rock engravings. Plus, it’s just under a four hour drive from Amman and less than a two-hour drive from Petra.





Whilst Googling locations to visit in Jordan, I didn't realise the sheer size of the mountains and area coverage which reaches quite far. I spent four nights in Jordan, two in Petra and two at the Dead Sea Resort. My plan was to drive from the Queen Alia Airport to Petra then to Wadi Rum over the course of two days. What I didn't realise was the roads have a lot of bends going up hill. With a 1.6 rental car, and one year of driving internationally, I thought no problem this should be fine. Just to bare in mind, the roads are full of deep pot holes and the drive includes up steep hills and mountains which can alter the stye of your driving especially if you have only been driving local roads. 


But that didn't stop me from exploring. Infact, I enjoy scenic drives, and believe me you won't be disappointed!


1. The Landscape Is Beyond Breathtaking


The beautiful red-dessert is famous for its inspiring sunsets which peek through the mountains that include various rock formations and natural structure. The best part is, once you arrive at Wadi Rum you begin to almost feel you're on a different planet. There are several highest peaks there, Jabal Umm ad Dami which is over 6,000 ft and enables you to see the Dead Sea on clear days or just admire the feeling of being astonishingly quite high seeing the canyon surrounded by its siblings. The territory is also the home to hundreds of Bedouins who provide fantastic tours to tourists wanting the explore the whole area. 


You can either book a day trip to Wadi Rum which is what I did or spend the night there. 


2. Driving Through Wadi Rum  


Once we met our bedouin guide, he told us to hop on the back and enjoy the ride. When I took out a small bottle of water to last me the whole journey, he asked, 'is that all you have?' and smirked.  One bottle of water is not sufficient let's be honest? He kindly provided us lots of drinks and food and made conversation during the journey making sure me and my wife were ok. 

As we drove through, I could see a small dessert storm approaching coming our way. Sat at the back while a large drift of sand hits us in the eyes, no thank-you. Luckily, I was wearing sunglasses so I recommend protecting your eyes at all times.


The journey from the entrance to the locations around Wadi Rum took around 10 mins each way. What I enjoyed the most was seeing the rippled canyon just trying to spot carvings or any interesting natural formations. We did see other solo travellers walking through the dessert but I wouldn't advise you to do this unless you are well prepared and have some knowledge of trekking independently.





3. Filled With History



Wadi Rum has been a home for people since prehistoric times. Once it was once inhabited by the Nabataeans, who left their mark in the form of temples, inscriptions and rock drawings. Khazali Canyon is famous for Nabataean carvings featuring humans and animals. In the 1970s, archaeologists excavated one of the most famous temples in the area, the Nabataean Temple. The Bedouins who live here now have been roaming this land of dry sands through extreme temperatures for many years, though now with more modern facilities.


Whilst exiting the cave which featured the Alameleh Inscriptions, our guide pointed out the eagle sculpture face on the red granite rock. The best thing about this was, it hasn't been engraved or carved by any man! This natural appearance has been there in its original form since the canyon existed. Hard to believe? So was I! But the beauty of this was seeing natural forms which has history we have not yet discovered. 



4. Climbing To The Top Of The Mountain


If you are not scared of heights, then this should be a charm for you! The climb to the top of Jabel Umm Adaami was fairly easy as the path up was just thick sand. Once I got up there, I was excited to find the best view amongst other adventurers. I'll be honest, it was scary going to the edge of the cliff and the adrenaline kicked in. With it being windy, that didn't really help but I managed anyhow. The view is breath-taking and the location is on every photographer's bucket list. 



Have you ever been to Wadi Rum or wondered what it would be like..?Got any questions about my journey? Share, Like & Comment on my Instagram or Facebook pics and i'll be sure to reply! 

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