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4 Reasons Why Malaysia Should Top Your List Of Places To Visit

April 16, 2018



To describe Malaysia, I would need a whole week or even a month. The Malay, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Somatran and Javanese people who live in Malaysia, have creatively collaborated through time to create a unique blend of culture. Malaysia is full of natural history, lots of wild life and breath-taking views that will make your stomach drop. The moment you step out of the airport, you notice a stretch of natural beauty and this is what Malaysia is all about.


My duration in Malaysia was around six days and whilst It seemed so short, I didn’t want to come back. The freedom of driving around gave us great opportunities to explore long distances and cut the cost on taxis. If you do plan to go Malaysia, I highly suggest hiring a car for a few days and exploring the outskirts of the city as much as you can!


Visiting Malaysia can be done in less then two weeks. Although I visited during Winter, the best time to go would be around March when the weather is warm and mist in the Highlands is unlikely.


Here are my four reasons Malaysia should top your list of places to visit... 


1. Reaching For The Sky


''The moment I reached the top, my stomach dropped…''


Genting Highlands was one of the most remarkable visits during my time in Malaysia. The journey from Kuala Lumpur takes about an hour and once you reach there you begin to feel the misty atmosphere especially if you are visiting during Winter. The peak can reach up to 6,000 feet and this is where Genting Highlands lies. Located high up within the Titiwangsa Mountains on the border between the states of Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia, Genting Highlands has a temperature ranging around 14 to 25 degrees.


The thick mist surrounding the highlands looks like a scene from a horror movie and while this looks great, taking photos of the Chin Swee Temple or forests during winter season can be a bit of an issue.

The only way to see the Highlands is by reaching the top using the cable car. We had to take the Awana Skyway Cable Car which was located on the top floor of the mall. The moment I reached the top, my stomach dropped. I was blown away how high up I was, and the view down below looked absolutely breath taking!

If you ever go Malaysia, make sure you visit Genting Highlands!

 Genting Highlands

Chin Swee Temple (Located in Genting Highlands)


2.Nature & Animal Life

''It was an exotic kingdom at my feet!…''


The KL Bird Park in Kuala Lumpur is one place you cannot miss! Who would of thought there would be an animal kingdom in the middle of an urban cityscape?


The exotic houses home to many species of birds indigenous to Southeast Asia. Animals are well taken care of; the location is rather big which took some time to explore and there were places to eat along the way.

It felt like I was in the jungle surrounded by tall topical trees, birds roaming around freely, temperature was humid and the only thing we had to get navigate around was a small map.

It was my first experience seeing animals roam around freely, so I was super excited to see flamingos approaching me, intimidating peacocks spreading their wings right in my path and catching some great photo opportunities with tropical parrots. It was an exotic kingdom at my feet!


The wild life is well preserved and a must see as part of your Malaysia trip! For more wild life you can visit Sunway Lagoon which features rare animals and theme park all in one.


KL Bird Park 

3. Looking Up At Beauty

''...with it being so tall, it's hard not to miss!''


The Iconic Petronas Towers in Malaysia are the symbol of unity. The business towers catch eyes from miles representing Malaysia’s iconic figure. The one reason I wanted to visit Malaysia was to see the Twin Towers and I was not disappointed. The towers are located not far from the centre and with it being so tall, it’s hard not to miss! We decided to take a trip up to the top which was pre-booked and once you are up there (at night) it’s really compelling to see the city light up and see so much going on. Although there was a short wait to visit the top of the Tower, you begin to feel part of history.


Once you disembark from the visit, outside you notice many local salesman trying to sell you small gadgets and gifts. But be careful, you will find that these people can sell you broken goods and gadgets which are harmful.

Petronas Towers

4. Malaysia Culture & Food

''A unique taste of Malaysia''


Malay food and culture is fantastic. If you’re a fan of oriental food or perhaps something light, you will enjoy Malay food. I found that they eat a lot of rice and spices mixed with coconut milk giving the Malay fusion. I tried Nasi Lamek which went down a treat! The exotic blend of ingredients really sets you off and gives you a unique taste of Malaysia. As a fan of rice and chicken, I was overwhelmed by the variety of traditional Malaysia food found in the markets to big restaurants.


I visited the China Town market located in the central next to the Central Market. This area is filled with tourists looking to pick up quality Chinese bargains. The market stretches quite far leaving you spoilt for choice but be careful, you find a lot of market sellers hunting for potential prey.  


 Nasi Lemak

China Town 


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